Welcome to Hopeful Hooves

Hopeful Hooves provides hope and help to horses everywhere.

"Sharing a Dream"

In my dreams you gallop through time and space
In my dreams, you carry the rhythm of the drum in your thundering feet,
In my dreams, your calm spirit touches the soul
In my dreams, your gentle spirit dances with the wind,
In my dreams, you take me to worlds that are unknown
In my dreams, you are loved, secure and never forgotten,
In my dreams, you speak words that live soundlessly in my heart
In my dreams, you help heal the sick and those who have lost their way.
Hopeful Hooves, Inc. provides a sure step towards greener pastures for unwanted, abandoned, and unmanageable horses in need of resettlement. Rescuing these majestic creatures takes a lot of hard work, feed and shelter are only a couple of our expenses. By becoming a donor, you will insure that these mistreated and malnourished horses get the care they need. Make a donation and become a Horse Angel today! CLICK HERE TO HELP US
Our Mission: To provide rescue services to unwanted, abandoned, neglected, unmanageable horses in need of resettlement.

Our Goal: To prevent the cruel and needless neglect and death of what otherwise would be perfectly good horses which are abandoned and/or mistreated by owners whose life circumstances have left them unable to, incapable of, or disinterested in the welfare of their horses.

Our Services: We intend to provide pick up, medical evaluation, and sustained care for each horse surrendered to our organization and signed over to us as legal owner. We utilize a highly respected equine veterinary clinic to evaluate each horse and to decide what care the animal needs to return to optimal health. Our facility is designed to offer daily care and maintenance to make recovery an eventual likelihood. In the event a horse is diagnosed as beyond saving, we will have the horse humanely euthanized. Without our service, horse owners and horses have few choices for rapid resettlement utilizing humane treatment by experienced and skilled team members.